Coffee Enthusiast & Café Owner I Julie McGuire I ’88

What is a legitimate job? If you spend four years at an academically elite institution that costs tens of thousands of dollars to attend, are you obligated to do something big and world-changing? If so, what qualifies as big and world-changing? For the past two-and-a-half decades, Julie McGuire has… Continue reading »

Youth Volunteer Coordinator I David Battey I ’85

Usually when college students pull all-nighters, they are cramming for an exam or putting the final touches on a paper. As a senior at Williams, David Battey’s late-night study sessions were motivated by more than just a grade—he was writing the blueprint for the rest of his life. Battey… Continue reading »

Anthropologist I Catherine Bolten I ’98

It was fall of her senior year, and Catherine Bolten was feeling good. She had just returned from a summer-long research trip to Botswana and was inspired and confident — for the first time in her life, Bolten knew what she wanted to do. “I marched into my professor’s… Continue reading »

Social Media Specialist | Anna Morrison | ’07

sorry the picture didn't load, you would have seen Anna Morrison rockin' it in the office!

Carmichael Lynch Spong www.carmichaellynchspong.com Minneapolis, MN You work as a social media specialist. How is that different from traditional public relations? Social media is any digital application where people are sharing ideas and information. That could mean a blog or a traditional social network… Continue reading »