College President I Mary Hinton I ’92

It’s a little before eight o’clock, and the final rays of daylight are quickly fading to darkness. On most college campuses, this time of night on a Friday is welcomed with loud music and drinking games, but here in central Minnesota the scene is different. From all corners of… Continue reading »

Social Activist I Morgan Goodwin I ’08

Arriving on campus in the fall of 2004, Morgan Goodwin wasted little time making his presence felt. One night in November, as his entry prepared for Sunday Snacks, Goodwin and a friend met in the stairwell of Sage Hall. Goodwin glanced at his watch. “On the count of three, we… Continue reading »

Community Organizer | Aaron Jenkins | ’03

Aaron Jenkins is the program director of Operation Understanding DC (OUDC), a Washington D.C.-based youth leadership organization. Before working at OUDC, A.J. worked as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill. What is the mission of OUDC? Our mission is to build a group of community leaders, with the idea… Continue reading »