Nonprofit Tax Assistance I Sarah Louise Smith I ’06

Sarah Louise Smith didn’t grow up dreaming about tax returns. Her parents didn’t work for the IRS or serve as high-powered tax attorneys. For Smith, taxes were not an inherent passion—they were something she learned to love over time. Following graduation, Smith returned to her home state of Alabama… Continue reading »

Nonprofit Financial Services I Liz Kellison I ’87

Piecing together Liz Kellison’s career trajectory is a difficult task. At various times in her life, Kellison has served as a teacher, a dot-com entrepreneur, a PhD candidate, a writer, and a non-profit organizer. Today, Kellison works on financial services for the poor as a part of the Gates… Continue reading »

Youth Volunteer Coordinator I David Battey I ’85

Usually when college students pull all-nighters, they are cramming for an exam or putting the final touches on a paper. As a senior at Williams, David Battey’s late-night study sessions were motivated by more than just a grade—he was writing the blueprint for the rest of his life. Battey… Continue reading »

Nonprofit Community Service I Andrew Seligsohn I ’89

How do you distinguish between wanting to study something and wanting to do something? If you are passionate about an aspect of the human experience, should you spend your time understanding it or being directly engaged in it?  Andrew Seligsohn grappled with those questions throughout his time at Williams and for… Continue reading »

Community Organizer | Aaron Jenkins | ’03

Aaron Jenkins is the program director of Operation Understanding DC (OUDC), a Washington D.C.-based youth leadership organization. Before working at OUDC, A.J. worked as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill. What is the mission of OUDC? Our mission is to build a group of community leaders, with the idea… Continue reading »

Philanthropy Enhancer | Kevin Bolduc | ’99

Kevin Bolduc is a vice president at the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Before landing at CEP, he spent two years as a consultant with The Parthenon Group.   Describe the mission of CEP and what makes it unique. The Center for Effective Philanthropy… Continue reading »