Zoo Curator I Courtney Janney I ’03

When Courtney Janney was five years old, her teachers asked her to draw a picture of herself decorated with images of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Without pause, Janney sketched herself in a lab coat, caring for tigers—she was a big cat veterinarian. Two-plus decades… Continue reading »

Farming Artist I Lucy Rollins I ’12

Lucy Rollins ’12 is a tough person to define. She is a farmer, an artist, an entrepreneur, an activist, an outdoors enthusiast, a teacher, a singer. Two years removed from her Williams graduation, she has returned to Williamstown where she now splits her time between… Continue reading »

Google’s Green Czar | Sam Arons | ’04

Sam Arons ’04  Interested in working on climate change? Think you’ll end up as a researcher or activist working for a nonprofit somewhere? For as long as he can remember, Sam Arons has been interested in the environment. After two years of grad school at UC Berkeley, he sought real-world… Continue reading »