College President I Mary Hinton I ’92

It’s a little before eight o’clock, and the final rays of daylight are quickly fading to darkness. On most college campuses, this time of night on a Friday is welcomed with loud music and drinking games, but here in central Minnesota the scene is different. From all corners of… Continue reading »

Anthropologist I Catherine Bolten I ’98

It was fall of her senior year, and Catherine Bolten was feeling good. She had just returned from a summer-long research trip to Botswana and was inspired and confident — for the first time in her life, Bolten knew what she wanted to do. “I marched into my professor’s… Continue reading »

School Principal | Kim Dacres | ’08

Kim Dacres, the principal of New York’s Harlem Prep Middle School, doesn’t fit the traditional mold. Growing up, Dacres remembers all of her principals as old white men. She’s a 28-year-old African-American from the Bronx. Her leadership style is also unique. Rather than hide away in an office,… Continue reading »