Coffee Enthusiast & Café Owner I Julie McGuire I ’88

What is a legitimate job? If you spend four years at an academically elite institution that costs tens of thousands of dollars to attend, are you obligated to do something big and world-changing? If so, what qualifies as big and world-changing? For the past two-and-a-half decades, Julie McGuire has… Continue reading »

Nonprofit Community Service I Andrew Seligsohn I ’89

How do you distinguish between wanting to study something and wanting to do something? If you are passionate about an aspect of the human experience, should you spend your time understanding it or being directly engaged in it?  Andrew Seligsohn grappled with those questions throughout his time at Williams and for… Continue reading »

Connected Health | Tracy Heilman | ’88

Tracy Heilman is co-founder and vice president of product at ConnectedHealth, a Chicago-based start-up that helps educate consumers about health insurance and match them with plans. Her previous company, Subimo, was acquired by WebMD in 2006.     What is ConnectedHealth and how is it different from… Continue reading »